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Secret Agent Man Music (SAMM) is a small, but wildly passionate label dedicated to finding, nurturing, & promoting new talent in & around the indie/alt rock scene. 





indie/alt rock band

Indie/alt rock band from the Caribbean island of Aruba; Liam, Me’Shaq, Marco, & Eli. 

 Two singles out now, with their debut LP release slated for late July 2024, full length album late 2024.


Me'Shaq Richardson

Guitarist, Soundscaper

Me'Shaq Richardson is an exceptional guitarist, known for his unmatched ability to create mesmerizing soundscapes and fill every inch of space with his captivating sound. His intricate melodies and textures showcase his remarkable talent and innovative approach to the instrument. Richardson consistently pushes the limits of the guitar, exploring its vast sonic possibilities. With a deep comprehension of silence and dynamics, He strategically employs space to build anticipation and tension, leaving audiences spellbound by the depth and emotional resonance when his sound is unleashed.



indie/alt rock band

badtime is Kevin Schuit (Aruba) and Ioana Ciora (Romania). Born in 2020 as a raw visual art collaboration, it rapidly evolved into a dark, multi-disciplinary universe. Think of their sound as the sinister, electrifying pulse to their eerie drawings—gloomy yet throbbing with energy, blending electronic drum beats, pulsating bass lines, hypnotic synths, and driving punk guitars. Now stirring up the scene in Antwerp, BE.


Liam Sean Kelly 

Songwriter, vocalist

Liam's songwriting talent is exceptional. He captures fleeting moments, intense emotions, and far-off places with remarkable ease, using vivid imagery, astute wordplay, and poignant metaphors to create a captivating and evocative tapestry of sound and meaning. Liam's music has the power to deeply resonate with listeners, whether they prefer catchy pop melodies or introspective lyrics. His ability to express complex emotions and ideas in a relatable and universal way is truly extraordinary. Liam can also write a killer 3 chord pop, country, punk, or rock song about love & debauchery :) 

+1 297 569 5815


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